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Transfer of Shares Services

from £24.99 +VAT

Limited company shares, like any other type of property, can be transferred or sold. We provide a professional service that includes all regulatory paperwork for clients wishing to transfer shares from one shareholder to another.

The Companies House record will not be updated with details of share transfers until the next confirmation statement is filed (previously known as the annual return). Clients who want to report stock changes right away should submit a confirmation statement. We always recommend filing a confirmation statement if share adjustments are required to open a business bank account.

For an extra £24.99 + VAT, we can prepare a confirmation statement as part of this order.

What does our price include?

We'll put together the relevant paperwork:

  • J30 Stock Transfer Form: To lawfully transfer ownership from an existing shareholder to a new shareholder, a stock transfer form must be completed. If a share is sold for more than £1000, the new shareholder must send a copy of the transfer form to HMRC and pay the Stamp Duty due.
  • Meeting Minutes: Businesses Act 2006 s.248 requires all registered companies to keep minutes of all board meetings and make them available for review by any director. Share transfers should be approved by the board of directors, and minutes should be issued to reflect the approval.
  • Share Certificate(s): Companies must issue share certificates to shareholders within two months of issuing shares or receiving the paperwork required to effect a transfer.

Please keep in mind:

  • 1. Statutory Registers that have been updated are not listed.
  • 2. The stamp duty fee, if required, is not included.
  • 3. Documents will be sent to you via email. For an extra cost, printed papers are available.
  • 4. Until a confirmation statement is submitted with Companies House, the changes will not be apparent on the public record.

How it works is as follows:

  • Select the ‘Order' option from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete the application form by entering the essential information.
  • Pay and check out.
  • You will receive digital papers, including a stock transfer form, meeting minutes, and a share certificate, by email in 2-3 business days (s).
  • The transferor and transferee must sign the stock transfer form, which must then be lodged with your company's records.
  • We shall file a confirmation statement to reflect the share transfer if it is required (s).

ORDER – Transfer of Shares Service £49.99 + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions:

When can I expect my documents?

After all essential information is submitted, documents will be sent to you through email within 2-3 working days.

I didn't form my company with 1st Formations, thus may I get this service?

Yes. We provide this service to all of our customers, regardless of whether or not they have formed a business with us.

What details about a new shareholder do I need to provide?

Name and Address of Contact (This address will be displayed on the share certificate) The total number of shares transferred or issued.

What are the many types of shares that can be issued?

Ordinary shares are the only ones that can be issued. This service does not involve the creation of additional share classes or revisions to the articles of incorporation.

What is the definition of stamp duty?

Shares worth more than £1,000 are subject to a 0.5 percent tax or charge, which is rounded up to the nearest £5.00. If you purchase shares via a stock transfer form, the form must be forwarded to HMRC for stamping, and stamp duty must be paid within 30 days of the transfer date.

For example, if you purchase shares for £1050, you will pay 0.5 percent, or £5.25. As a result, a Stamp Duty payment of £10 is required.

What is the definition of a confirmation statement?

A confirmation statement (formerly known as an annual return) is a report that contains correct and up-to-current information about a limited company as of a specific date. The objective of filing a confirmation statement (at least once every 12 months) is to confirm the limited company's information and notify any changes to shareholders' information and/or issued share capital to Companies House.

What is the purpose of filing a confirmation statement?

You should file a confirmation statement if you want to see updated shareholder information on Companies House records; otherwise, new shareholders will not be available until the next confirmation statement. The majority of banks will ask for current shareholder information to be recorded at Companies House.