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Company Dissolution Services

from £49.99 +VAT

Why did I decide to shut down my business?

  • Save money and time by filing annual financial statements and confirmation statements electronically.
  • Avoid the possibility of fines and prosecution if you file late.
  • Protect your reputation as a director by avoiding having an involuntary dissolution on your public record.
  • All of the work is done for you; all you have to do is electronically sign the dissolution application.
  • We will make every effort to resolve all issues and impediments.

What does our price include?

  • Companies The cost of the house
  • The DS01 form must be completed and filed (the application to strike off a company)
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors approving the dissolution.
  • Use of our Registered Office and Service Address till your business is shut down.

What am I supposed to do now?

To dissolve, simply purchase the merchandise and electronically sign the application. We'll take care of the rest.

How it works is as follows:

  • Select 'Order' from the drop-down menu.
  • Fill in the essential information and proceed to the checkout.
  • Within 3 to 5 working hours, you will receive your Board Resolution through email; simply sign and save it for protection.
  • The director(s) will receive an email invitation to sign the dissolution application electronically; simply sign and submit.
  • We'll file the paperwork with Companies House.
  • When the application to dissolve has been approved, we will send you an email.
  • Companies House will inform you by letter to your registered office when the company is dissolved.

Order - Dissolved your company £49.99 + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there anything else that needs to be paid?

No, the cost of this service includes the filing charge at Companies House.

How long does it take to dissolve a corporation?

A company's closure normally takes 2 to 3 months at Companies House.

When is it not possible for a firm to ask for voluntary dissolution?

In the following situations, a corporation cannot seek for voluntary strike-off:

  • In the recent three months, it has traded or sold stock.
  • In the previous three months, it has changed its name.
  • There are legal proceedings pending against it.
  • It's either in or soon to go into liquidation.
  • It has a credit agreement in place (eg. CVA)

I'm about to have my Registered Office and Service Addresses expire; do I need to renew these first?

Customers that use our Registered Office and Service Address do not have to renew their services unless they are about to expire or have already expired. Throughout the dissolution process, we will continue to forward all required mail.

What happens after you've submitted the DS01 form to Companies House?

We'll send you an email once Companies House has approved your application. When the company is dissolved, Companies House will notify you in writing.,

Should I close the business bank account for my company?

Yes, before applying, you should shut your company's bank account. A company's bank account will be frozen from the day of dissolution, and any money in the account, as well as any assets still in the company's name, will belong to the Crown.