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Online Company Manager

A step-by-step guide to your customer area

Online management of your businesses is completely free.

Our Online Company Manager provides you with an easy-to-use Customer Dashboard that allows you to quickly access a variety of services and facilities that we offer to help you manage your businesses online.

Dashboard for Customers

With only one click from our Customer Dashboard, you can get to the following areas:

Make a New Organisation

When forming new companies, save time by completing your online company order with previously stored information.

My Organisation

With just a few clicks, you may get your Company Registration Number and Authentication Code, update and register changes to directors or company addresses at Companies House, and buy products and services for your business in our Shop area.

My Mail & Services

With our state-of-the-art digital mailroom, you can view, edit, and renew your address services, and never lose another piece of mail. If you use an address service, your government and business mail is stored as pdfs in your customer area, where you may see, download, and print it whenever and wherever you choose.

Import a Organisation

To update and register modifications at Companies House, import a previously incorporated firm into our system, and acquire our address services to have access to our digital mail storage system.

My Previous Orders

View your order history and get real-time information on your business's orders.

Card Administration

Select your principal payment card and check and update your payment options by adding or removing debit or credit card details.