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Director Appointment & Resignation Services

from £19.99 +VAT

For clients who wish to appoint or resign as directors, we provide a professional service that includes the filing of Companies House documents as well as any other paperwork required to maintain your business records up-to-date and compliant.

The need of putting in place the necessary company secretarial documentation for director appointments and resignations is frequently underestimated, putting organisations at risk of non-compliance. When you use this service, you can rest assured that your company's records are in order.

This service will set you back £19.99 + VAT per appointment or resignation.

What does our price include?

  • Letter of appointment or resignation: A letter of appointment from the new director saying that he accepts his appointment to the board of directors, or a letter of resignation from the current director stating that he wishes to quit as a director.
  • Minutes: Companies are required under section 248 of the Companies Act 2006 to keep minutes of all board meetings and make them available for examination by any director. Minutes should be passed by the director(s) to appoint or resign the director (s).
  • AP01 form / TM01 form: The AP01 form informs Companies House of an individual's appointment as a director of your firm. Companies House is notified of the termination of an individual or corporate director via the TM01 form.

How it works is as follows:

  • Choose ‘Order' from the drop-down menu.
  • Complete the application form by entering the essential information.
  • Pay and check out.
  • To appoint or resign a director, we will electronically file the relevant form with Companies House.
  • In 2-3 working days, you will receive an email confirming that your appointment or resignation has been authorised at Companies House, as well as a VAT invoice and a copy of your digital papers.

Please note:

  • Updated Statutory Registers are not included in this collection.
  • Printed materials are not included, but can be ordered for a cost.
  • Per order, there is only one appointment / resignation.

ORDER - Full Company Secretary Service £19.99 + VAT

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the minimum number of directors that a limited corporation must have?

At least one director is required for every limited corporation. A natural person must be the only director of a limited corporation with just one director.

Are directors and shareholders the same person?

Shareholders are not required to serve on the board of directors. Their function is to administer the firm, thus they are not required to be shareholders. However, current shareholders may decide to offer shares to the directors, which is totally fine and rather usual.

What is the function of a corporate director?

The owners of a company (shareholders or guarantors) designate directors to ‘direct' the company's day-to-day operations on their behalf. They are in charge of ensuring a company's seamless operation and management by following to all legal and contractual requirements, as well as assuring the company's success and profitability.

When can I expect my documents?

Once all essential information is submitted, documents will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days.

To appoint a new director, what information do I need to provide?

Who appoints the board of directors of a corporation?

Members of a limited company can appoint or remove a director at any time after the business is formed.

  • Name in full
  • Year of Birth (Minimum 16 years of age)
  • Occupation sNationality
  • Service Address Residential Address (residential or other address)
  • Date of Consultation